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The loss of a loved one can shatter your life forever. As you adjust to not having that person as part of your life any more, the grieving process can seem painful and neverending. Coping with a death is never easy, even when it is expected or when your loved one had lived a full life. Unfortunately for those left behind, not only must you grapple with the emotions raised by your loss but you must also focus on many different legal issues in dealing with their estate.


After losing a loved one as one would expect, your focus is on your family and on grieving the loss, not administering the estate. But there are many concerns that must be resolved to ensure your loved one’s final wishes are respected while protecting the bonds of your family. The strong emotions that come with a love one’s passing are often followed by bewilderment when survivors realize all of the financial and legal steps they must take to settle their affairs. The spouse who passed away may have handled all of the couple’s finances, leaving the other uninformed and overwhelmed. Or perhaps a caregiver must begin probating an estate which he or she knows little about. In some cases, the estate itself may be in disarray or scattered among many accounts.  This is why looking into hiring a San Francisco probate attorney may make complete sense.  


Probate administration allows for effective management and distribution of the deceased individual’s assets. Probate, or estate administration, is the process by which a deceased person’s property, known as their “estate,” is passed to the heirs and beneficiaries named in their will.


The probate administration process is not always simple. Some complications can arise with the estate are handling.  Probate can be intimidating, but understanding how the process works and having some expert legal tips from a probate lawyer at your disposal will help you execute your duties confidently and correctly.


The responsibility of overseeing this process ultimately falls to whomever was appointed executor or personal representative in the decedent’s will.


When you’re ready, find and meet with a probate attorney to review the steps necessary to administer the estate. Bring as much information as possible.  Don’t worry about putting the papers in order first; the probate lawyer will have experience in organizing and understanding confusing financial statements. They will be able to smoothly walk you through was is necessary to take the burden off of you.


If you’re taking on the job of executor and you are looking for a probate counselor, either to answer a few questions or to handle a probate administration it might be smart to talk to several candidates before you pick one. You’ll be consulting this probate lawyer on financial and legal matters, of course, but also on very personal ones. You want to find someone you’re comfortable with.


It may seem very easy to open a phone book or search the internet for the name of aprobate attorney, but finding the RIGHT one that fits your needs is the key.  You can search for one on  


The goal is to find someone that is a good fit for you.  Finding a localprobate attorney in your state of California who is experienced and competent when it comes to handling a probate court proceedings in your city of San Francisco may not be the hardest part of finding the right probate attorney. Most probate cases require attention to detail and consist almost entirely of routine paperwork.  Try to find someone that you feel can live up to your expectations when it come to this. 


Having a successful working relationship with a probate lawyer, however, takes more than legal knowledge. You will have to work with this individual, so make sure that you are comfortable with them.  Communication between you and that probate counselor is obviously critical, so make sure you understand their approach to handling your situation. 


For individuals who have recently lost a loved one, there is nothing more important than finding a qualified and reputable probate lawyer to attend to the legal matters that follow the passing of an individual. Just as Divorce counselors practice family law, probate attorneys specialize in this area. Most importantly, they have the experience and knowledge to assist you with every step of this process that often can be overwhelming. While it might feel as if the last thing you want to do is further explore the depths of what this passing means for you and your family, if left unattended there is no telling what the courts will – or won’t – do on your behalf. Taking action to ensure that probate defense is on your side is one the most important responsibilities after a death and one that can clearly be handled much more professionally and responsibly than some courts. Contact a probate lawyer in your area from our directory today.



Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this article, it is not intended to provide legal advice as individual situations will differ and should be discussed with an expert and /or lawyer.